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Responding to a natural disaster: a proven experience for managing global emergencies

Nepal Earthquake, April 25th 2015

An earthquake of 7.9 magnitude shook Nepal in April 2015, the worst natural disaster to strike this region in 70 years.

AXA Assistance’s teams immediately responded to the natural disaster by:

  • - activating its entire operations, security and medical network
  • - setting up a regional crisis cell in Asia to identify and locate the victims
  • - providing local support with an on-ground team coordinating with authorities & organizations to rescue the victims


Our commitment is to assist our clients as soon as something occurs.

Beyond assisting our clients that were injured, our teams were driven by the need to reassure both victims and families by providing them first needs such as food and water as well as keeping relatives informed of the situation.

Repatriation operations were quickly organized in coordination with the local authorities and organizations to ensure priority was given based on the emergency of the case.

Psychological and medical support was also provided back home to the victims until full recovery.

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