Our assets

Assistance is a profession based on the anticipation and reactivity, where nothing can be left to chance.
AXA Assistance customers can rely on the commitment, empathy and creativity of our 8,600 employees around the world, to provide them thebest solutions for their needs, anytime, anywhere. They can also rely on the performance of AXA Assistance organization based on 7 assets.

Seven reasons to choose AXA Assistance

Experience and expertise that span 50 years

As an assistance pioneer, AXA Assistance has acquired its expertise through experience. At AXA Assistance, we are proud of our half-century of progress, research, innovation and people-focused adventure: 50 years of experience and expertise, for the benefit of our customers.


Continuous improvement of the quality

AXA Assistance's quality strategy is built on customer satisfaction. We aim to drive ongoing improvements in quality for all stakeholders –customers, shareholders, companies, suppliers– and thereby maintain long-term customer satisfaction. As such, AXA Assistance keeps a close watch on cutting-edge technologies and social issues, ensuring that it can always anticipate and respond to emerging needs.


Extensive, powerful networks

Effective assistance depends on a capacity to mobilise the necessary resources in all business areas; as such, it requires top-quality networks. AXA Assistance recruits its service providers according to multiple, rigorous selection criteria: excellence, operating facilities, pricing, reliability, responsiveness, equipment, quality care and service. Furthermore, its specifications are subject to regular reviews.

With assistance centers located in 34 countries, AXA Assistance can guarantee global coverage and an immediate response to any request: recovering broken down vehicles, renting a car, booking a hotel, taxi or train ticket, calling out a plumber or electrician, etc. And because our customers' health is our ultimate priority, we have developed an extensive medical network that comprises over 40,000 medical service providers (outside the USA); all were rigorously selected by a specifically-assigned team of professionals. Our medical network is managed using a centralised database that is updated in real-time and accessible from across the world. In addition, the 300 doctors and nurses employed by AXA Assistance are available 24/7.


Global coverage

AXA Assistance is an international assistance company. With offices in 34 countries, we are able to act in more than 200 states.




Attentive to customer needs, 24/7

As concepts that are essential to our ongoing service quality, availability and reactivity are our mottos. In every alert centre, emergency specialists and other experts maintain a round-the-clock presence, ready to coordinate a response whenever necessary. Thanks to our business continuity planning (BCP), we are able to guarantee service continuity, even in crisis situations.


Anticipation and innovation

We undertake to go beyond an emergency response, to support our partners and look after our customers wherever they are in the world. This ambitious objective requires us to anticipate needs and redefine our service offering, every day. It drives us to invest in research and development, and design effective, high-performance solutions.


The strength of the AXA Group

AXA Assistance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the AXA Group. The financial strength, drive and dynamism of a world-leading insurance and financial services company is an invaluable asset for our partners and customers.