About AXA Assistance

"AXA Assistance has a unique history and vision. Since 1959, we have continually grown with social changes while remaining true to our core mission: to go beyond an emergency response, supporting our partners and looking after our customers across the world."
Gilbert Chahine, Président-directeur Général d’AXA Partners

Our history

Born to protect travellers

The history of AXA Assistance’s growth tallies with changing economic and social trends.

At the height of Europe’s post-war economic boom, the late 1950s were a time of reconstruction and deep-seated social change. More companies were paying annual leave, while cars and air travel were becoming more affordable: the result was an upswing in leisure travel. And as tourism developed, a new need emerged: travellers sought protection from unforeseen circumstances and the risks associated with travel. A Spaniard called Pedro Louis Poch noted this need, and responded by creating an unprecedented service offering: travel assistance. In 1959, he created GESA, the first ever assistance company and predecessor of AXA Assistance. 

Driven by its innovative mindset, the new company soon extended its offering to include auto and home assistance. It was also the first assistance company to offer medial repatriation. 

Growth of an international player

By the 1990s, GESA's pioneering spirit had successfully transformed the company into a market leader.

However, new challenges and growing worldwide needs required the company to step its operations up to a new level. In 1998, AXA acquired GESA, and the company became AXA Assistance.

AXA Assistance is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the AXA Group. Its services are delivered through four business lines: Auto, Travel, Health & Lifecare Services and Home. 

The ever-changing scope of assistance

What is assistance? What does an assistance company do? 

We help tourists deal with problems when they are far from home; we handle vehicle breakdowns; we can locate a doctor for an emergency consultation abroad or find a local plumber; we support expatriates as they settle into a new country, and help elderly dependents remain in their own homes... We offer a huge range of products and services. Our job is built on our ability to meet the changing needs and expectations of increasingly mobile customers.

Our mission, our vision, our values

Our mission: support our partners and look after our customers

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Our job is to protect and look after our customers, wherever they may be, in their everyday life as well as in emergency situations. We identify risks so as to minimise their impact our customers and their lifestyle; we provide support as well as emergency intervention, safeguarding as well as assistance, and an on-going presence at all stages in life, in all situations, across the world.


Our vision: a proactive partner who redefines service, everyday

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We believe that assistance companies must create innovative solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to meet their customers' specific needs. The AXA Assistance offering also depends on a highly committed team of men and women who are proud of their service and always ready to do whatever it takes.


Our values: the assistance mindset

Our unique corporate mindset incorporates four core values: commitment, empathy, creativity and pride. These values express our beliefs and define our behaviour.


We are dedicated to what we do, focusing our combined energy and commitment to human welfare and dignity on making a difference to the lives of our colleagues, corporate clients and end customers.


We empathise with the end customer, delivering appropriate support with humanity and solidarity.


We anticipate changes and approach issues from different perspectives, delivering bold, creative solutions that drive us forward and push back boundaries.


We are proud to work together as a strong, enthusiastic team, finding satisfaction in helping others, and protecting and reassuring our clients and end customers. 

AXA Assistance, a committed corporate citizen

AXA Assistance staff members are committed to social solidarity

Our job is to look after our customers, and it is only natural that we extend the same concern to others. Corporate social responsibility forms a key part of our identity, and human concerns are central to all that we do. Our values and mindset drive us to move beyond our professional role and use our expertise and logistical resources to support wider social solidarity initiatives. 

The AXA SOLIMED project: an tremendous chain of solidarity

In 2011, AXA Assistance initiated a pioneering project that provides much-needed medical equipment to under-supplied hospitals in other countries. The concept consists in recovering unused or discarded equipment from hospitals in France, restoring it, then shipping it abroad, overseeing its installation and helping train local healthcare professionals to use it effectively.

Involving all employees

Our Corporate Responsibility week (CR Week) has become an international benchmark in terms of employee engagement. Indeed, AXA Assistance teams actively promote and drive medical solidarity every day. During the 2015 CR Week, their combined commitment raised a total of €15,000, which will be used to launch AXA SOLIMED in India.