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Jean Karmarz, Director of Health at AXA Assistance, discusses the Second Medical Opinion service

Raphaël Marchand, Head of Safety for AXA Assistance, discusses Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Dr Cai Glushak, International Medical Director at AXA Assistance, discusses the Ebola epidemic

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Dr Cai Glushak, International Medical Director at AXA Assistance, discusses the Ebola epidemic

What was AXA assistance’s initial response to the ebola epidemic?

With 22,000 registered cases and a death toll of over 9,000, almost exclusively in Africa, the 2014 Ebola epidemic has been a tragedy of unprecedented scale.

The first cases were identified in March 2014. After appraising the risk, we launched an international alert in May. Indeed, we were the first assistance company to respond to the crisis; the international health authorities, including the World Health Organisation, made no public comment until several months later. Our customers were forewarned and forearmed two months before any official declarations were made. 

How did AXA assistance respond to this crisis?

AXA Assistance assigned a special team to track development of the epidemic. Information was our top priority. We published weekly information bulletins and issued health and safety guidelines for our customers, employees and the populations affected. We compiled a specific intervention protocol, and ensured that our medical teams were given appropriate training.

AXA Assistance also worked with healthcare and transport authorities in the countries concerned, to develop the procedures needed to make sure that our customers had access to every possible solution. Furthermore, AXA Assistance France acquired a negative pressure isolation tent to be used in the event of an emergency repatriation operation, and direct connections were organised with specialised providers.

What did you learn from this crisis?

The epidemic is not yet over, but it has devastated healthcare infrastructures in the countries concerned. Moreover, protection policies make it hard to repatriate the sick and injured. Nevertheless, AXA Assistance always finds a way to meet the needs of its customers in the countries affected by the epidemic, offering effective solutions in the event of medical problems. AXA Assistance also supports its partners, providing ongoing assistance in tailoring business continuity plans (BCPs) to the crisis.