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Lisa, victim of the Nepal Earthquake, tells her story

The SOLIMED project: an incredible chain of solidarity

Jean Karmarz, Director of Health at AXA Assistance, discusses the Second Medical Opinion service

Raphaël Marchand, Head of Safety for AXA Assistance, discusses Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Dr Cai Glushak, International Medical Director at AXA Assistance, discusses the Ebola epidemic

Proud to break new boundaries

A taste for adventure

Jean Karmarz, Director of Health at AXA Assistance, discusses the Second Medical Opinion service

How does the second Medical Opinion Service work?

The offering has already been deployed in several countries, based on a fully operational network of leading international experts. Indeed, our network consists of several hundred medical teams we consider as specialists in 40 major pathologies, all of whom we deem to be the very best in their field. All these experts were selected according to a specific methodology that included peer evaluations and other more objective factors, like published works, equipment used and affiliation with leading universities. We believe that this offering meets growing demand among patients, particularly in emerging countries.

Is this solution intended to replace local healthcare offerings?

The Second Medical Opinion offering is not intended to replace local care solutions. It gives beneficiaries access to additional information that may be useful to both patients and attending doctors, who often request expert advice. Furthermore, all files are compiled by local AXA Assistance doctors. This approach sets us apart from our competitors: we are well aware that local doctors are the only ones who can truly understand a patient’s needs, account taken of his or her family and socio-cultural environment. As such, AXA Assistance doctors work closely with treating physicians to transcribe the patient’s needs and compile the request for a second medical opinion. The aim is to leverage the combined advantages of local medical care and international medical expertise.