"Assistance professionals are driven by a real vocation; their work has a clear human value."
Serge Morelli, Chairman and CEO of AXA Assistance
Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want a career that gives true meaning words like 'passion', 'commitment' and 'responsibility'? Would you like to work in a stimulating, international environment that offers numerous opportunities for fulfilment? Do you want to join a dynamic, solidarity-based team that is dedicated to supporting its partners and looking after its customers, in their everyday lives and in emergencies situations, wherever they may be? Look no further. Join AXA Assistance!

Assistance coordinator

As an assistance coordinator, you will be the first point of contact for customers, across the world, who find themselves in various, often complicated, situations. Your job consists in listening to their concerns, reassuring them, and organising appropriate solutions.

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Service provider network coordinator

As a service provider network coordinator, you will be responsible for developing, managing and maintaining AXA Assistance’s providers networks. Your specific role will consist in recruiting medical and non-medical service providers of recognised quality.

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As a concierge, you will deliver top-of-the-range services to international customers. You will be responsible for advising customers on their requests, then implementing solutions that simplify their lives. Working in direct contact with your customers, you will make every effort to meet their requests, however unexpected.

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