AXA Assistance, responsible companyAXA Assistance, a responsible company
Day by day AXA Assistance works on being a more responsible company both in terms of governance than through concrete commitments towards its customers.

In 2012, AXA Assistance will be sponsoring the Electric Odyssey, the first world tour in a standard electric car, undertaken by two young engineers called Xavier Degon and Antonin Guy

Their aim is to promote the image of electric vehicles among the general public.

As a leading assistance provider for electric vehicles, AXA Assistance was naturally keen to be part of the Electric Odyssey: thus, it will provide 24/7 technical and medical assistance throughout the journey, and is also making a financial contribution to the project.

The AXA Assistance network will be mobilised to help the team meet its electricity requirements along the route, and staff members will be encouraged to provide overnight accommodation for the travellers. The team will cover 25,000km and 17 countries in eight months, passing through the North American Rocky mountains, Japan and South-East Asia, then following the old silk road and finally crossing central Europe. Each stage has been mapped out to ensure that the car can be recharged roughly every 110km.

AXA Assistance and its staff are proud to support this first world tour in an electric car, and the magnificent human adventure that it represents. As a responsible corporate citizen, AXA wholeheartedly supports this innovative eco-transport initiative, which complies with its values by promoting both sustainable development and road safety.

The Electric Odyssey and road safety:
·Avoid rapid acceleration and sudden braking
·Avoid using excessive power by driving too fast
·Drive no more than 150km per day
·Drive for no more than 4-5 hours per day, i.e. no more than 2.5 hours per driver
·Carry reflective safety jackets and warning triangles to use in the event of an accident
·Carry the equipment needed to ensure regular car maintenance operations


Our commitment to our customers
We remain focused on customer’s benefit and therefore spread the new AXA “Brand Spirit” in our 30 worldwide service platforms: availability, reliability and attention

We stay in line with AXA's commitment: from promises to proofs.

Our performances require responsiveness and efficiency. Therefore we obey rigorous processes and develop the “know-how” through our frequent emergency situations - emergency repatriation as an example.


■ Governance: Key to Growth
Our international company has had a high level of growth over the past 5 years with a turnover increase of 50%. Our net income has had a 100% growth and has a current average growth of 14% per year. That fast growth combined with the increasing transparency requirements of the financial world led AXA Assistance to bear special attention to its governance.

The company has many initiatives: ethical code, efforts to improve the worldwide locations of the business management, increasing the reliability of financial information and IT security.

While the company is reorganising into four business domains, governance is a driving force to conduct that change.


Day after day AXA Assistance works on emergencies and daily issues for its customers. People are AXA Assistsance main focus: AXA Assistance works on developing commitment in sustainable development’s field.