Ramdane, Assistance Coordinator - Truck Assistance International (TAI Assistance)

What attracted you to Truck Assistance International (TAI Assistance)?
It was simply a lucky chain of events that led me to join Truck Assistance International (TAI Assistance) three years ago. I had never envisaged working in the assistance domain for a large group like AXA. Like many young jurists, I planned to train as a lawyer after gaining my Masters in Law. I had no concrete plans, however. I wanted a career where I could leverage my legal skills to help others, and I was keen to discover an environment that differed significantly from that associated with standard legal professions. TAI Assistance offered me all this.

Tell us about your career experience?
As a trilingual Assistance Coordinator, I first learnt about the different types of policy and how to handle international telephone calls made to the call centre. I prioritise customer satisfaction by ensuring a rapid and tailored response to their problems, and fully appreciate the importance of teamwork. My working environment is fun and fulfilling, enabling me to meet people from many different backgrounds and cultures, opening up my vision of the world and honing my language skills.
Thanks to my experience, I was offered the position of Team Support Assistance Coordinator in 2011. As such, I am now responsible for managing a team of trilingual Assistance Coordinators.

What are your main tasks?
Assistance Coordinators must have significant skills in logistics, languages and interpersonal relations. My main task is to offer a rapid customer care response in line with the coverage guaranteed in the customers' insurance policies. This requires me to identify customers and their specific problems, then advise them and orient them towards an appropriate solution. All qualitative and quantitative aspects of this service must be optimised in line with the company's expectations. Additional professional assets include good general knowledge (notably as regards geography), foreign language skills and some knowledge of legal matters, in particular common contract law.
I now work as a Team Support Assistance Coordinator on the night shift. The team is very supportive and works together well, making for a great working atmosphere. I am responsible for optimising workload distribution, meeting service quality objectives, and managing telephone, fax and email communications to ensure that requests are handles as rapidly as possible. Every day brings a new challenge, and new ways to ensure customer satisfaction..